Damn good comfort food with nutrition for making you warm up


Our mission is...

To sharing delicious, wholesome. We are passionate about feeding our customers hearty, nourishing meals made from whole ingredients that can have a positive impact on their overall mind, body and health. 

Our goal is simple —to redefine what it means to eat well.

Warm your heart...

GOEMON (Curry): "GO - EN" is since something beyond our control made us meet. "GO - EN is used in Japan as dynamically changing fateful social relations. Hip on job or private lives. It has basically a good connotation like "LUCK" in English. "Mon" is "Enter" in Japanese. We have picked this word as the name of our restaurant in order to build good relationship with our customers by serving unique. We'd like to "Enter of GO - EN".

cocoron (Soba Noodle): "A place hearty meets healthy." This is our policy and mission. Serving unique soba noodle with nutrients made of buckwheat (grains) and unique appetizers blended with Japanese taste.