"Juicy Healthy Tasty" Gluten-Free / 100% buckwheat noodle is finally on our regular menu!!!

"Juicy Healthy Tasty" Gluten-free / 100% buckwheat Noodle     $14.8

With having confidence through their feedbacks from a series of our GLUTEN-FREE story (it has described as below), we start offering it as a regular menu. But we'll ask you to make a reservation by 2 days before you come enjoy here because 100% buckwheat (Ju-wari SOBA)  / Gluten-Free SOBA Noodle is very delicate and can be preserved for only a day. And also it's harder to make than our regular noodle. We'd like to offer only the best SOBA noodle for making your great day. Hope you can understand how we make for your diet. It won't make you disappointed!!!


Gluten-Free: Garbanzo and Bonito flakes Dashi based soup
Gluten-Free & Vegan: Garbanzo, Kombu kelp and Shiitake mushroom Dashi based soup

100% buckwheat / Gluten-Free noodle (called Ju-wari Soba)

Grilled enoki mushroom, Red radish, Chive (A type of scallion) 


Information (Reservation accepted for only GF noodle, not for our regular menus)

16 Delancey st. New York NY 10012

Date and Time:
12:00 - 3:15pm, 5:30 - 10:50pm
Close on Monday

Reservation (Only for those who order Gluten-Free Noodle):
*Please let us know your name, date and time (at least in 2 days since today) and a number of orders. We'll send a confirmation message within a day. And also we'll appreciate you to answer our questions about your diet as below for letting us offer the best dish.

1. Are you Vegan / Vegetarian? 
2. Do you have gluten allergy? → If yes, can you eat regular soy sauce (Not tamari)? 
3. Do you have any other allergies?
4. Do you have any foods you can't eat?

***The soup we'll serve is based on bonito flake and garbanzo for making richer taste. And we can make it for vegan version (Konbu Kelp, shiitake mushroom and garbanzo based soup. It has still rich taste!)  So, please let us know which one is good for you. (We have a couple of vegan and Gluten-free appetizers as well. ) ***