Cold sesame soba for Gluten free   $16

Simple and classic style of soba noodle with rich and a bit sour original sesame sauce (Tahini). For making your favorite flavor, we serve grind sesame, chopped yuzu, shiso, ume plum, Kaiware sprout and chopped cucumber on the side. This thick and fresh cold sesame sauce like dressing will make the noodle much more fresh! 

"Juicy Healthy Tasty" Gluten-free / 100% buckwheat Noodle     $16.8

With having confidence through their feedbacks from a series of our GLUTEN-FREE story (it has described as below), we start offering it as a regular menu. But we'll ask you to make a reservation by 2 days before you come enjoy here because 100% buckwheat (Ju-wari SOBA)  / Gluten-Free SOBA Noodle is very delicate and can be preserved for only a day. And also it's harder to make than our regular noodle. We'd like to offer only the best SOBA noodle for making your great day. Hope you can understand how we make for your diet. It won't make you disappointed!!!


Gluten-Free: Garbanzo and Bonito flakes Dashi based soup
Gluten-Free & Vegan: Garbanzo, Kombu kelp and Shiitake mushroom Dashi based soup

100% buckwheat / Gluten-Free noodle (called Ju-wari Soba)

Grilled enoki mushroom, Red radish, Chive (A type of scallion) 

***The soup we'll serve is based on bonito flake and garbanzo for making richer taste. And we can make it for vegan version (Konbu Kelp, shiitake mushroom and garbanzo based soup. It has still rich taste!)  So, please let us know which one is good for you. (We have a couple of vegan and Gluten-free appetizers as well. ) ***


A special event (vol.1) for all "gluten-free" people who really love juicy food and noodle (May 9 - 14th, 2017)

→ Fully booked! Thank you so much for your reservations and bunch of inquires!

Thank you so much for riding on our "Juicy Healthy Tasty" GLUTEN-FREE NOODLE special event on May 9th - 14th! We're so happy to have bunch of reservations and inquiries. And also we're so sorry for those who couldn't eat it because of fully booked.

"Extremely rich and juicy soup that gluten-free people have never had, And gluten-free noodle that perfectly fit with this soup. If you have a chance to be able to enjoy this kind of food, what do you wanna do?"


Bland, Dry, lacked of flavor... These are what you sometimes see about gluten-free food. We think everyone including gluten-free people should get satisfied with what you eat everyday. But, is it so hard to find that "Juicy Tasty" gluten-free food? Some gluten-free restaurants can offer rich taste but you probably hesitate to bring your friends who don't go gluten-free because it's believed gluten free food is generally known as tasteless. 

So, here we are now. If we soba noodle restaurants not to be specialized in gluten-free diet can offer incredibly rich taste of soup and noodle that you've never experienced, don't you want to try? 

"These dishes are the best gluten-free meals I've ever had!"
"What I imagined with taking a look at this picture was very close to what was presented, but it was richer and more savory."
"Soup is like ramen?!"
As a video describes below this post, we got bunch of high praises like these comments in our tasting and monitoring event which 20 gluten-free people ate our gluten-free noodle sample in April for building confidence. 

Not only gluten-free people but also other people including all of our staffs was surprised and acclaimed "It was really gluten-free diet? Unbelievable. This Richness and thickness can make even non gluten-free people get satisfied."   

So, what happened in this noodle? A main ingredient which is familiar with your diet is "garbanzo". But wait. Not only this. By using bonito broth, it can make layer of flavors. And also "secret homemade Japanese seasonings" makes it extremely enrich, juicy and tasty. You will feel like drinking ramen soup though a way of making it is totally different.

So smooth and rich taste on your first bite will remind you homemade creamy soup made by your mom. But clean aftertaste that can't be imagined from first bite will make you surprise. Comparing with ramen and other soup with saltiness and richness, there is nothing you feel thirsty after drinking it. Because we don't use oil so much. Just adding our touch by our original grilled vegetable oil. Besides, 100% buckwheat noodle (gluten-free) that you feel like drinking soup even though you should slurp totally fit with this soup. You won't put your chopstick down due to enjoy right texture of noodle and spread this rich soup in your mouth.

We think it must be masterpiece that non gluten-free people can also get satisfied. Because it's believed 100% buckwheat SOBA noodle is the best soba that is different from ramen, pasta and other noodle with wheat. Our Japanese chef seemed to miss Japan after completing this noodle. We spent almost 1 year to make this 100% buckwheat as our answer for bunch of inquiries from gluten-free people which is regular customer's friends around SOHO and LES, noodle lovers, those who doesn't like bland diet since we had opened in 2010. It definitely contain our passion to eager to become your supporter in your diet. 

So we're going to offer this noodle at $7.5 as our first trial for gluten-free noodle though it will be $14.8 at a regular price. Limit to 15 dishes / day, only May 9th - 14th @our new 16 Delancey location. 

Why don't you try it? Let's bring your friends. And share this food and your great smile. We're looking forward to seeing you with our passion. 


Gluten Free Special SOBA    $ 7.5    (NO MSG, Gluten-Free)

Date and Time
May 9th (Tue) - 14th (Sun)  12:00 - 3:15pm, 5:30 - 10:50pm
16 Delancey st. New York NY 10012

Reservation / Inquiry :
*Please let us know your name, date and time and a number of orders if you bring your mates. We'll send a confirmation message within a day.


 A digest video of a tasting event (April 19 - 22nd, 2017) 

Here is a video summary of our tasting and monitoring event for gluten free people! Check it out and hope it makes you and your GF friend stimulate your appetite! (Information of this event will be out soon! Keep following this page!



A tasting and monitoring event for all "gluten free" people. (April 19 - 22nd 2017)

We cocoron, which is SOBA noodle restaurant to serve "Juicy Healthy Tasty" soup and noodle to fit well with soup for neighbors in SOHO and Lower East Side since 2010, has finally done with our "gluten free noodle" since it's been a year we started making it on bunch of inquiries.

The tastiest noodle that we've never served by using only buckwheat, rich and flavorful soup with layer of flavors no one can believe this is also gluten free! It comes with the noodle that based on our concept "Juicy Healthy Tasty" is made of a secret ingredient that is familiar with those who don't eat SOBA in your daily diet, it's not regular soup made of soy sauce and dashi. We believe it's going to be popular for gluten-free people, same as our most popular soup "Mera Mera", like bunch of regular customers come enjoy it three days in a week.

We're going to invite those who lives gluten-free, try to eat our new menu and help us our survey about your gluten-free lifestyle for our creation on April 19th - 22nd. Limited to 10. 

Please email us before it's not available. It will be expected all reservations will be made soon because we've got tons of inquiries for 6 years.

<Information> Fully booked! Thank you so much! 
Date and Time (1 hour)
April 19th (Wed)    2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 20th (Thr)      2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 21st (Fri)        2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 22nd (Sat)     2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm 

We really appreciate it to all of our supporters! Bunch of reservations have been made. We'll report this event on this page on April 26 - 28th and serve this menu improved to be based on their advice. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

16 Delancey st. New York NY 10012

Reservation / Inquiry :
*Please let us know your name, date and time (up to 3rd choice) and a number of orders if you bring your gluten-free mates. We'll send a confirmation message within a day.