We cocoron, which is SOBA noodle restaurant to serve "Juicy Healthy Tasty" soup and noodle to fit well with soup for neighbors in SOHO and Lower East Side since 2010, has finally done with our "gluten free noodle" since it's been a year we started making it on bunch of inquiries.

The tastiest noodle that we've never served by using only buckwheat, rich and flavorful soup with layer of flavors no one can believe this is also gluten free! It comes with the noodle that based on our concept "Juicy Healthy Tasty" is made of a secret ingredient that is familiar with those who don't eat SOBA in your daily diet, it's not regular soup made of soy sauce and dashi. We believe it's going to be popular for gluten-free people, same as our most popular soup "Mera Mera", like bunch of regular customers come enjoy it three days in a week.

We're going to invite those who lives gluten-free, try to eat our new menu and help us our survey about your gluten-free lifestyle for our creation on April 19th - 22nd. Limited to 10. 

Please email us before it's not available. It will be expected all reservations will be made soon because we've got tons of inquiries for 6 years.


<Information> Fully booked! Thank you so much! 
Date and Time (1 hour)
April 19th (Wed)    2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 20th (Thr)      2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 21st (Fri)        2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm
April 22nd (Sat)     2 - 3pm,  3 - 4pm,  4 - 5pm 

We really appreciate it to all of our supporters! Bunch of reservations have been made. We'll report this event on this page on April 26th - 28th and serve this menu improved to be based on their advice. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

16 Delancey st. New York NY 10012

Reservation / Inquiry :
*Please let us know your name, date and time (up to 3rd choice) and a number of orders if you bring your gluten-free mates. We'll send a confirmation message within a day.