We’re so sorry we won’t be able to offer gluten free noodle dish for a while due to our chef’s personal issue.. 
This happened in October and it supposed to be solved soon, but it needs more time..
So sorry for the inconvenience. 

We have Japanese styled curry spot called "GOEMON" where has a few Gluten-free options created by a same chef Mica
Especially, we recommend
“premium classic curry”… Super rich taste of deeply flavored roux, and popular among even non GF customers.
“vege vege curry”… Rich flavored clear roux (much less oily) contains assorted juicy veggies.
These comes with multi grains brown rice or Japanese white rice and some pickles for refreshing your mouth:) 

Please check this link below if you’re interested in. They will also bring a sheet of GF menu.

And also, we will open a new restaurant where offers 100% buckwheat (GF) soba noodle at lunch without any reservations
(https://shabushabumayumon.com/) in March. Hope you have a chance to try this.

Reservation needed 2days prior because
our Head Chef
"Micas.kitchen" will cook for you.


We only confirm your reservation through this reservation form below. (No call accepted)
(*We’d appreciate you not clicking on this calendar, just to submit it filling out a date and choosing time.)
(*We won’t be able to accept any time except when we set up.)

It might happen to be full of reservation even if it seems to be available on a calendar below. Because this reservation system is not automatically updated, an availability can't be reflected on time. So sorry for the inconvenience in advance.

Name *
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Do you have gluten allergy? *
Can you eat regular soy sauce? *
Regular soy sauce contains wheat a bit.
Are you Vegan / Vegetarian? *
(→ If you are Vegan / Vegetarian), can you eat fish broth?
For making more flavorful, our broth is mixed with bonito flake Umami Dashi broth and based broth.
*Menu is below . Please feel free to ask us if you can't decide what you order. We'll definitely help you to pick your best one based on your answer above.

We invited 20 Gluten-free customers to our test kitchen in April, 2017 and had a tasting and monitoring event to get a feedback on our gluten-free Soba noodles.

Here is a digest video.


Since then, we have offered gluten-free Soba noodle to customers who made a reservation through our Homepage. All of customers enjoyed and seemed satisfied with foods and service. 




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