We'll open "Juicy Healthier Tasty" soba noodle POP-UP Store on July 10th - 2 or 3 months! 
11AM - 2PM (Mon - Fri) at 61 Delancey st.
(Of course all menus are GLUTEN-FREE, and no reservations!)

For Saturday and Sunday, we continue offering GLUTEN-FREE soba noodle at 16 Delancey st. location (Reservation needed). Please scroll and check our availability on a schedule below,
and fill out our reservation form. So sorry for making you get confused.
Thank you so much in advance.


<On Sat & Sun lunch>
Our Head Chef "Micas.kitchen" Will Cook For You
(Reservation needed 2days prior)



* It might happen to be full of reservation even if it seems to be available on a calendar below. Because this reservation system is not automatically updated, an availability can't be reflected on time. So sorry for the inconvenience in advance.

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Regular soy sauce contains wheat a bit.
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(→ If you are Vegan / Vegetarian), can you eat fish broth?
For making more flavorful, our broth is mixed with bonito flake Umami Dashi broth and based broth.
*Menu is below . Please feel free to ask us if you can't decide what you order. We'll definitely help you to pick your best one based on your answer above.



<About Head Chef>


<Customer’s Comments>

We invited 20 Gluten-free customers to our test kitchen in April, 2017 and had a tasting and monitoring event to get a feedback on our gluten-free Soba noodles.

Here is a digest video.


Since then, we have offered gluten-free Soba noodle to customers who made a reservation through our Homepage. All of customers enjoyed and seemed satisfied with foods and service. 


<Oh, you can eat soy sauce?>



16 Delancey st. New York NY 10002